Why do physicians join the Erie County Medical Society?

The Medical Society of the County of Erie is the organization of physicians of Erie County created to consider and act upon matters affecting the practice of medicine and the health of the public; cultivate and advance education in the art and practice of medicine; and maintain a high standard of integrity, honor and courtesy in the medical profession.

With dramatic changes in the practice of medicine and the health care delivery system, physicians need to speak out with a single, strong voice. Building from and using the strength of our membership, the Medical Society of the County of Erie can monitor and communicate the concerns of physicians as we work to shape the future of medicine in the United States.

Our Executive Director, Aimana ElBahtity, Esq., will provide a host of risk management and insurance guidance to our Physician Members. In her prior role, she directed the Risk Management Department of a medical center in the D.C. Metro Area. Although purely consultative, she will aim to serve as a supportive sounding board to our Physician Members so that they have a direct number or email to contact anytime should they have any Risk Management questions that relate to their practice.  Aimana plans to also leverage her legal background in insurance and healthcare law to provide support to our Physician Members.  Email Aimana here.

On a more personal level, the Medical Society of the County of Erie provides substantial services, benefits, and opportunities for professional development to each individual physician. In addition, we use our programming to monitor and improve the image of Western New York physicians, positioning them as leaders in our local health care system.


  • Enhancing Access to Care in our Region
  • Advocating for Greater Physician Reimbursement and Scope of Practice Protection
  • Connecting UB Medical Students with Seasoned Professionals to Incentivize Young Talent to Remain in the Region Upon Graduation and Resolve Recruitment Obstacles for our Regional Practices
  • Distributing Communications Important to Your Practice to 3,533 Regional Physicians (the reliable contact information of which was provided by the Physician Credentialing Department of the NYSED)
  • Providing Free Consultative Employment Contract Review to Prevent Undue Restrictive Covenants (Your Executive Director is an Attorney who is also a certified Contract Administrator)
  • Unifying Regional Physician Practices through Committee Collaboration to Address Common Pain Points and to Share Best Practices; and of course...much, much more!  

  • For just $68.00/month, our Member Physicians receive the following:

    • Advocacy for better Health Care Reform
    • Legal & Risk Management Guidance
    • Managed Care Contract Review
    • Physician Employment Contract Review
    • Marketing Support: Push content important to your practice to 3000+ physicians in the region
    • Physician Mentorship/Recruitment: Aligning young, talented physicians with seasoned professionals
    • Physician Locator:  Listing physician members by practice area with direct links to your practice’s website
    • Business Practice Webinars with Industry Experts for your Office Staff
    • Reduced PPE Pricing for Physician Members


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