Participation is limited to Active Physician Members or Practice Administrators of a physician member. 

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Dear Colleague:

We need YOU.

The Medical Society is our professional voice.  We must continue to advocate for our patients and our profession in our community, whether at the local, state or national level.  But our voice is diminished when physicians do not step forward to be a part of the Society.  Therefore I am asking you to review the Medical Society committees, listed below for the 2022-2023 administrative year and designate the committee or committees that are of special interest to you.

Working on a committee is enjoyable, as well as challenging.  It is an excellent way to get acquainted with your fellow physicians.  And can be your contribution to making the Medical Society responsive to the needs of both the patients and physicians in Erie County.

Please take a minute from your schedule, review the Committees listed below and visit the Committees page to fill out a volunteer form.   Meetings are one hour in length and meet four times per administrative year, between the months of September and April.

Only you can help us.

Thank you for your support in making the Erie County Medical Society THE PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL SOCIETY.

Practice Management – Studies and reports on the economic aspects of medical practice. Administers the provisions set forth by Workers Compensation, reviews and certifies the qualifications of physicians for W/C ratings. Studies and reports on the current issues affecting practice management.  Recommends topics and develops society sponsored education programs for members, staff and general public.

Legislative Affairs – Studies and reports on proposed legislation affecting the practice of medicine.  Advises the Board on strategies to best advocate for issues affecting our members.  Organizes and attends meetings with elected officials. Recommends topics and develops society-sponsored education programs.

Public Health & Education – Monitors and acts on matters affecting the public health  of the WNY community.  Suggests topics of interest for presentation to the lay population of WNY.  Recommends and organizes society sponsored education programs for physicians and staff.

Health Law – Liaises with members of the Erie County Bar Association and those associations or groups as Designated by the Executive Board to address medical practice issues with legal or ethical implications.  Recommends and organizes society-sponsored education programs for physicians and staff.

New Physician Practice – Studies and reports on educational or practice management issues of interest to new physicians in practice (who are within 5 years of completing residency, or under the age of 45); promotes committee members to serve as community and future society leaders. Recommends topics for society sponsored education programs.

Medical Services – Liaises with the UB Medical School faculty and administrators to assist in the retention and recruitment of physicians in WNY.  Liaises with all residency directors at both the University and Catholic Health System, as well as the UB GME office to address issues of mutual interest and to assist in the retention of residents in WNY.  Recommends topics for society sponsored education programs that may interest residents, fellows, and medical students as well as the general membership.

Resident/Fellow Committee – Created to represent and advocate for resident and fellow physicians and to train young physician leaders.  Addresses issues relating to practice management, legal issues and advocacy.

Women Physician CommitteeAddresses women physician's issues and concerns, including pay disparities, sexual harassment, representation in leadership roles, women's health issues, work/life balance, and family-friendly employment policies

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