Dr. Kenneth H. Eckhert III is the current President of the Medical Society of Erie County. Dr. Eckhert III’s tenure as President to the Medical Society of Erie County renders the Eckhert family the only family to have spanned three generations as Physician-President leaders in the almost 200 year history of the Medical Society of Erie County (founded on September 1, 1821). 

Like his father and grandfather, Dr. Kenneth H. Eckhert III also serves as a Board Certified General Surgeon. Dr. Eckhert III is in private practice at Surgical Associates of WNY, PC; specializing in general, laparoscopic and robotic surgery.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Dayton in Ohio and received his Medical Degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland. 

As a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Buffalo - Jacobs School of Medicine and an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Surgery at Daemen College, Dr. Eckhert is active in teaching and mentoring medical students, residents and fellows.  He is active in several professional societies and serves on several committees within the hospitals and community.  Dr. Eckhert is also actively involved with Friends of Good Samaritan (1989-present); serving as President and Lead Surgeon as well as a Board member for the Annual Expeditions to Haiti. 


Dr. Kenneth H. Eckhert, Jr. MD is father to our current President, Kenneth H. Eckhert III, MD, and served as President to the Medical Society of Erie County from 2004 to 2005. 

Dr. Kenneth H. Eckhert, Jr. graduated from Wittenberg University in 1962; obtained his M.S. in Microbiology from the University of West Virginia in 1964; and obtained his MD from SUNY Buffalo in 1968. Dr. Eckhert, Jr. performed his Residency at Deaconness Hospital and became a Board Certified Surgeon in 1976.

Dr. Eckhert, Jr. was not just a renowned and dedicated Physician-Leader, but also a dedicated serviceman to our country. From 1973-1977, Dr. Eckhert, Jr. served as Commanding Officer for the New York State Air National Guard. Dr. Eckhert, Jr. also served as the Director of Children’s Hospital/Kaleida Breast Cancer Center in 2002, sat on University at Buffalo Dean’s Advisory Council, and taught as Adjunct Clinical Professor of Surgery at SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine. 

Dr. Eckhert, Jr.’s tenure as a Physician-leader was not limited to the Medical Society of Erie County. Dr. Eckhert, Jr. served as Medical Director at Sisters Hospital Breast Care Center; Chief of Surgery at Sisters Hospital; and Attending Surgeon at the following: Buffalo General Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Deaconness Hospital, Our Lady of Victory, and Erie County Medical Center. 

Dr. Eckhert, Jr. sat on the Board of Directors at Sisters Charity Hospital, Lutheran Church Home of Buffalo, IPA of the Independent Health Association, and the Niagara Lutheran Health Foundation. 

Despite the seemingly endless roles he played, Dr. Eckhert, Jr. also managed to serve on seven committees, volunteer at five different Societies (including his service as President of the Medical Society of Erie County), and still managed to become the recipient of the following prestigious Awards: First Place in 1988 for his study and submission, “A Computer Assisted Quality Assurance Program for a Surgical Breast Care Practice; and First Place in 1996 for his study and submission on “Stereotactic Core Biopsies: An Overview.” 

In addition to the tremendous mark on medicine as well as in the community at-large; in 1999, Dr. Eckhert, Jr. was recipient of the NYS Quality Improvement Grant ($180,000) to coordinate a three year research initiative to improve outcomes and quality in the detection and treatment of breast cancer. The Medical Society of Erie County is honored that renowned Physician-Leader Dr. Eckhert, Jr. served as our President from 2004-2005.


Dr. Kenneth H. Eckhert, is the grandfather to our current President, Kenneth H. Eckhert III, MD, and served as President of the Medical Society of Erie County from 1960-1961. Dr. Eckhert was not just a Physician-Leader at our Medical Society, but served as a well-renowned Physician-Leader across many other forums, in many other capacities, both within a clinical setting and throughout the community at-large. 

To name but a few: Dr. Kenneth H. Eckhert, MD was elected to serve a three year term as Councilor of MSSNY, Chief Consultant of Surgery at Deaconness Hospital, Senior Cancer Research Surgeon for the Roswell Park Memorial Hospital, Head of the Buffalo Regional Chapter for the American Red Cross,  President of the Torch Club, and this list does not even capture all of Dr. Eckhert’s tireless efforts in leadership positions.

Dr. Eckhert was appointed as only one of 13 Cochairmen by Governor Rockefeller for the Regional Planning Committee, created in preparation for the 1971 White House Conference on Aging. Additionally, Dr. Eckhert, was appointed by Governor Carey to serve on the renowned State Health Coordinating Council, which was a state agency dedicated to reviewing the health needs of all citizens. Dr. Eckhert was also elected to serve as the Buffalo Chapter’s Head of the American Red Cross for two consecutive terms, and elected for some seven (7) terms as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Erie County Department of Social Welfare. 

Dr. Eckhert, was a demonstrably well-regarded public figure during his time. To name just a few of his accolades, Dr. Eckhert received the prestigious 1997 Clara Barton Volunteer of the Year Award for his service at the Red Cross, was one of only five men to receive the Brotherhood Award “for placing service to his fellow man above his own interests,” and was referred by the media as: Dr. Kenneth H. Eckhert, “Outstanding Citizen.” We are extremely proud to have had such a remarkable figure as Dr. Kenneth H. Eckhert make up the fabric of our Physician-Presidents at the Medical Society of Erie County (1960-1961).  Kenneth H. Eckhert, MD passed away on November 26, 1999.

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