Political Action Committee 

Frequently Asked Questions


MSSNYPAC is a separate fund administered by the State Medical Society which collects voluntary contributions from physicians and distributes, on behalf of the organized medical community, donations to pro-medicine candidates for state office, such as State Legislators and the Governor.

Why should I belong to MSSNYPAC?

MSSNYPAC is the physician's one voice in the political process which can turn the tide of an election away from an anti-medicine candidate and towards a pro-medicine candidate. It allows physicians to band together to speak with one voice in an election, and also allows physicians the ease of making one donation a year, to MSSNYPAC, instead of many separate checks to various candidates. More importantly, by banding together physicians, through MSSNYPAC can have a much greater, and more visible, impact upon the election process. A strong physician PAC helps to counter the political influence of trial lawyers, insurers and others seeking to diminish the physician's primary role in the health care delivery system.

What are some examples of MSSNYPAC's helpfulness?

No one could draw a direct connection from a donation to a candidate or officeholder to the outcome of an issue. However, MSSNYPAC, through the strength of its contributions and its tremendous track record in picking, and backing, winning candidates, has been able to shape the political process to the extent that the organized medical community, embodied by MSSNY, has tremendous clout in and access to the corridors of power. This clout and access helps to result in better care for our patients, important public health initiatives and fair treatment of physicians. 

How do I Join?

Basic Membership dues in MSSNYPAC are $175 per year. Upgraded memberships are acknowledged and very much needed.  Checks made out to "MSSNYPAC" may be forwarded directly to MSSNY at 99 Washington Ave., Suite 408, Albany, NY 12210. You may also use your major credit card to join MSSNYPAC by phone at 518-465-8085, or you may JOIN ONLINE.

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