Shahla Ahmad, MD – Geriatric Medicine Fellowship, Jacobs School of Medicine

Dr. Ahmad has amply demonstrated service to the profession of medicine by her dedication to the patients in the community.  She is compassionate and has a genuine desire to improve the health and well-being of patients in her care.  She has received many honors and awards and was the number one candidate to be chosen for a Geriatric Fellowship.  She is a role model to residents and medical students and a true leader within the Geriatric Fellowship.   She has the distinction of being the first to be name Chief Fellow.  Her contribution to medicine is not only in her clinical work with the underserved and geriatric population but also in the research that she has done, including Body Mass Index among Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Surgery Residencies across the United States of America, which was presented at the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine.  Dr. Ahmad’s Fellowship Program Directors highly recommended her for the Fellow of the Year Award.

Lucas Battel, MD, PhD – Chief Resident, Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Battel earned his Medical Degree from the School of Medicine, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil in 2017 and went on to earn his PhD thereafter.  He joined the SUNY at Buffalo Internal Medicine Residency Program in 2019 and his completion date will be in 2022.  He has participated in many committees and volunteered for several programs, He is co-creator and organizer of the Big Brother Big Sister Program which pairs incoming first-year residents with 2nd or 3rd year residents facilitating their transition into residency.

Dr. Anne Curtis, Chair of the Department of Medicine at SUNY Buffalo states “Dr. Battel is among the top 1% and one of the best residents that I have had the pleasure to integrally work with.”  “Dr. Battel possesses a mastery in clinical management, patient care and effectiveness when interacting with team members; which is far beyond what is expected for his level of training.”

Brian Page, MD, Program Director, Fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine highly recommended Dr. Battel for this Award, stating “ He has an outstanding clinical knowledge and skills, exceptional leadership qualities and exemplary academic potential.  He is a role model for students, his peers and he exemplifies excellence and professionalism

Andrew Knapp, MD – Chief Resident, Emergency Medicine, SUNY at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine

Dr. Knapp was unanimously selected by his fifteen classmates to be one of the chief resident finalists before the faculty unanimously decided upon their decision.   Dr. Knapp has been involved in numerous organization and activities throughout his training years, frequently in a leadership role.  He served as the Manager and Advisory Board member at the Free Medical Clinic, as Founder and Director of UB’s Step 1 Mentoring Committee.  He was a Teaching Assistant & Tutor: Renal Module and Fundamentals 1 Biochemisty, he volunteered as an EMT for the Henrietta Volunteer Ambulance Service, was the Community Engagement Ambassador for the “Be the Match” Registry.  Dr. Knapp also volunteered at Lighthouse Free Medical Clinic managing patients for both acute and routine visits.  He continues his service by volunteering to go on “Street Rounds” with UBHEALS and has a passion for caring for the underprivileged population. Dr. Knapp has received numerous honors and awards   He is described by his Program Director as a natural leader, strong, smart and articulate, yet approachable and infinitely likeable.

David Sell, DO – PGY-3 Adult Neurology Resident

Dr. Sell graduated Cum Laude from Canisius College where he majored in Biology and minored in Neuroscience.  Dr. Sell was granted early induction into the Sigma Sigma Phi Honor Society at his medical school (Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine) by consistently performing in the top 25% of his medical school class.  He has been among the top scorers in SUNY’s resident program on their annual Resident In-Service Training Examination.  Dr. Gil Wolfe, Professor and Chair of SUNY’s Neurology Department highly recommended Dr. Sell; recognizing his high levels of performance both in scholarship and professional/personal attributes.  Dr. Sell has a keen interest in movement disorders and is studying the impact of boxing activities for patients with Parkinson disease.  He has volunteered to those in underserved communities and was in involved in advocacy efforts in D.C.

William Nolan, MD - PGY-IV Resident, Department of OB/GYN at Sisters of Charity Hospital

Dr. William Nolan received his graduated Summa cum Laude from SUNY at Buffalo with a BS in Biomedical Engineering before obtaining his Medical Degree from SUNY Upstate Medical University in 2018.  He has been on the Faculty/Staff at UB, Sisters of Charity Hospital since graduating, teaching medical students in areas of Obstetrics & Gynecology and has been a teaching assistant at the University at Buffalo tutoring physics, chemistry and calculus and taught small group classes in engineering.  Dr. Nolan is highly recommended for this Resident Award by his Program Director and Associate Program Director, both of whom reference his dedication to the field of medicine and to his fellow residents and students.

Dr. Nolan is known for treating his each patient with dignity and compassion regardless of the patient’s background or beliefs and never rushes through a patient visit.  He advocates for his patients to ensure they have the access to services, medications and/or surgeries they may need. 

Dr. Nolan has already had three peer-reviewed journal articles published – more than any other resident trained in his program, despite it being a difficult task to do research in a community-based program.  Not only does he currently work on several additional projects, but graciously includes his fellow residents in those projects; helping them to meet their graduation requirements.  He has won the “best reaching resident” award in his third year of residency at Sisters Hospital.   Dr. Nolan’s nickname is “Wellness Will”, as he is a huge advocate for maintaining a positive outlook, work/life balance, and well in his program. 

Medical Student- Class of 2022: Vincent Bargnes

Mr. Vincent Bargnes is a 4th year Medical Student at SUNY at Buffalo Jacob’s School of Medicine applying for the Anesthesiology residency. He was highly recommended for the Medical Student Award by his Program Director, Dr. Stacey Watt.  Dr. Watt had the pleasure of working with Mr. Bargnes on a scholarly project focused on the preparation for a mass casualty incident within our community and participated in a recent city wide mass casualty drill simulating a bombing event with our city.  He continued to work toward emergency preparedness for citizens within our community, joining SUNY’s Healthcare Quality Leadership Program focused on malignant hyperthermia crisis prevention.

Vincent Bargnes is, in Dr. Watt’s words, a “fantastic example of how a student can have a profound impact.”

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